Berkshire Compost

Melissa Beeson Higgins launched Berkshire Compost as a curbside compost service out of Housatonic, Massachusetts. The company serves towns in western Massachusetts, picking up food waste at customers’ doorsteps and turning it into high-value compost. This service helps households and businesses put to good use food scraps that could otherwise end up in a landfill. Composting has many benefits: it reduces waste, cuts harmful emissions, and produces nutrient-rich soil.

After a taking small farm business course, Melissa decided that it made sense to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for the growing business. She reached out to the Legal Food Hub for help and was paired with an attorney from Bulkley Richardson.

The attorney helped Melissa form the LLC for Berkshire Compost so the business can continue to thrive. As it grows, Berkshire Compost will turn food scraps into soil in more communities across Massachusetts. “We’re excited for the future,” says Melissa. “We believe that compost is the final step in the farm-to-table movement: farm to table to farm!”