Connecticut River Watershed Farmers Alliance

Connecticut River Watershed Farmers Alliance (CRWFA)

The Connecticut River Watershed Farmers Alliance (CRWFA) helps farmers improve their land stewardship practices in order to promote clean waterways, productive landscapes, and the economic sustainability of the agricultural communities in eastern Vermont and western New Hampshire. In addition to hosting workshops and events, CRWFA rents out pieces of conservation equipment such as a No-Till Seeder, which allows farmers to plant seeds with minimal disturbance to the soil.

To make this important piece of equipment accessible to local farmers, CRWFA contacted the Vermont Legal Food Hub to seek legal guidance on their drill rental contract. They were matched with attorney and clinic director Sophia Kruszewski of Vermont Law School’s Food and Agriculture Clinic, who reviewed the contract. She drew from her years of experience working with farmers to ensure the provisions were legally sound while still understandable to non-lawyers.

“Accessing free legal advice from the Vermont Legal Food Hub was critical to updating our No-Till drill rental agreements for this year,” said Jennifer Byrne, manager of the White River Natural Resources Conservation District. “The language in our new contract is clear, and we feel confident that our drills and our farmers are protected as we grow our conservation equipment library in the Connecticut River watershed.”