Old Crow Ranch

Old Crow Ranch is a pasture-based livestock operation in Durham, Maine. Farmer Steve Sinisi and his family raise hogs, cattle, and chickens using rotational pasturing to allow fresh grass and forage for the animals. Steve is committed to sustainability across his operation, from putting an agricultural easement on his property to working to build soil health on the farm.

Old Crow Ranch has been leasing a field down the road for ten years, and the landowner was interested in selling it to Old Crow. Steve has been working with the landowner and the Royal River Conservation Trust to purchase the land and put an agricultural easement on it. Steve reached out to the Legal Food Hub for help negotiating the transaction. Ryan Almy of Bernstein Shur worked with him to successfully navigate the deal, allowing Old Crow Ranch to grow and, at the same time, preserving 12 acres of farmland in Durham for future generations.

“I can’t say enough about this service,” Steve says. “There was no way we could have paid for the services of our lawyer. Our Hub attorney, Ryan, was great to work with.”