Refri PVD


In October 2020, Dana Heng placed a refrigerator outside her work with the motto “take what you need and leave what you can.” The volunteer-run community fridge attempts to solve the large food access and food justice barriers the pandemic has brought to Providence, Rhode Island. Dana Heng saw a need in her community and took action to meet it. Once she set it up and saw its success, she became concerned for liability of the fridge. If something went wrong, would she be accountable or would her workplace (who is donating the electricity)? She was also interested in building a shelter around the fridge to protect it from inclement weather but wanted to avoid conflict with the City. She reached out to the Legal Food Hub for answers.

The Hub connected her with Helen Anthony of Handy Law, LLC. Helen and her team advised Dana as she met with the Rhode Island Department of Health and helped guide her through the process. Dana was grateful that “someone had her back, even if there were no big legal issues.”