Shovel and Spoon

The Legal Food Hub frequently works with farmers and small food businesses, but it’s not every day that we work with a business that does both. Shovel and Spoon is a farm and catering business in Limington, Maine. The farm uses sustainable, high-intensive production methods, relying on human-powered equipment, forgoing harmful sprays, and focusing on building soil health. The farmers, Tomer Kilchevsky and Courtney Jean Perry, use their vegetables, herbs, and other locally sourced, organic ingredients to prepare seasonal, delicious food in their farm-to-table catering business.

With their dual businesses growing, Tomer and Courtney reached out to the Legal Food Hub for help with several legal questions. The issues they encountered demonstrate the range of legal challenges that a beginning farm or food business may need to navigate, many of which the Legal Food Hub can help to support.

For example, they sought help with forming an LLC to protect them from personal liability as their company grows, working with Durward Parkinson of Bergen Parkinson. When they were ready to buy a 30-acre parcel of farmland, attorney Lee Lowry of Jensen Baird worked with them on contract, zoning, and title matters throughout the deal. Concerned about protecting their brand, they teamed up with attorney Bob Mittel of MittelAsen to understand the trademark process.

“The Legal Food Hub has provided invaluable assistance to help our business grow,” Courtney says.