Toddy Pond Farm

Toddy Pond Farm Yogurt

At Toddy Pond Farm in Monroe, Maine, Greg and Heide Purinton-Brown approach farming as “a partnership with the land, Mother Nature, and the animals we share our farm with.” Along with their two sons, they care for a small herd of Jersey cows, a small flock of sheep, pigs, and chickens. They produce 100% grass-fed cow’s milk yogurts and cheeses using sustainable, humane practices. They also offer education farm camps for kids in the summer and year-round farm stay vacations in their on-farm cottage.

The Purinton-Browns moved onto their modest farm as caretakers in 2012. Since then, they have built a strong relationship with the landowner and served as nurturing stewards of the land. They have reached an agreement with the owner to purchase the property within 10 years and are excited to have a permanent home on a beautiful property for their thriving farm business.

When they needed help reviewing the terms of the agreement with the landowner, the Purinton-Browns reached out to the Legal Food Hub. They worked with Eben Adams of Pierce Atwood to review the contract and ensure that their interests were protected. “Working with the Legal Food Hub helped us be sure that we were fully informed when entering into the agreement,” says Heide. “Our mission is to create a farming system in which all parts complement each other. We’re investing in this land for the long term.”

Heide and Greg closed on the purchase of the farm property in February 2020.