Revival Road Farm

Siedric White and Anna Pierce-Slive are pursuing a life-long passion. After over a decade of professional experience around food and farming, they founded Revival Road Farm in 2023. A jack of all trades when it comes to food, White is an entrepreneur, chef, caterer, server, bartender, and farmer. With a background in hospitality and trained by the Urban Farming Institute, he brings a depth of knowledge about food production all the way from seed to plate.

Pierce-Slive has been building community around food and farming for the past decade. From community gardens and educational gardens to farmers markets, she has brought people together to share in the magic of locally grown food. She is currently the farm manager of an urban nonprofit that feeds 300 people every day.

For their latest adventure, Revival Road Farm, the couple are leasing 11 acres from Phoenix Fruit Farm in Belchertown, Massachusetts. They will grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers using regenerative agriculture practices that will leave the land better than they found it for generations to come.

To make this dream a reality, they must clear more than a few hurdles – two of which require legal assistance. They need to form a legal entity for their business and review leases for both their land and residence. As regenerative agriculture requires years of work and financial investment in the land to build the soil, they also need a lease that will provide them with a sense of security over the land. With all the other expenses and priorities needed to start a farm, adding attorney’s fees can be a financial strain for any budding entrepreneurial farmer.

Fortunately, the Legal Food Hub exists for just these circumstances. The Hub placed the two entrepreneurs with attorney Rich Cavanaugh of Common Grow, who was able to review both their land and residential leases and create an entity for business, all free of charge. Thanks to the Hub and Cavanaugh, White and Pierce-Slive can pursue their dream with the assurance that all their hard work stands on solid legal ground.