Town Farm Tonics

Owned and operated by herbalist Carissa Davenport and regenerative designer Adam Davenport, Town Farm Tonics makes hand-crafted, locally inspired tonic teas, herbal syrups, and infused vinegars. With the belief that “healing herbs and wild plants that grow in our climate are best suited to support us,” the married couple tries to source as many ingredients as possible locally, with a plan to soon begin farming their own herbal ingredients. They are from Westport, Massachusetts, and manufacture out of a shared kitchen in Warren, Rhode Island.   

The Davenports wanted to trademark their business name and logo as their business grew. The Legal Food Hub matched the couple with attorney Lucy Lovrien, a solo practitioner in the Boston area. With over 25 years of experience in trademark and copyright law, Lovrien was the perfect lawyer to assist the couple with their trademark.  

According to the Davenports, “the Legal Food Hub was an easy and helpful resource for our business to figure out the logistics of creating a trademark at a time when we didn’t have the funds or time to do it ourselves. For a startup food business, every bit of support like this can make a huge difference down the road.”